02. 07. 22

02. 07. 22





Leonardo & Debora


"So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

-Matthew 19:6

dr. Leonardo

The first son of
Mr. Stefanus
Mrs. Ernawati H.


Debora Alycia

The first daughter of
Mr. Agus S. Tjondrojo
Mrs. Diana A.


Teapai & Lunch Reception

Saturday, 02nd July 2022

The Westin Jakarta, West Java Ballroom


Dresscode : Formal Attire, Strictly no white & no batik

Holy Matrimony

Saturday, 02nd July 2022


Saturday, 02nd July 2022

The Westin Jakarta, West Java Ballroom


Request the honour of your presences at the virtual celebration as a witness of our wedding blessing.

Request the honour of your physical presences at the celebration as a witness of our wedding blessing. If you are unavailable, please attend our virtual holy matrimony at below link.

Dresscode : Formal Attire, Preferably in Champagne Gold, no white, no batik

Wedding Reception

Saturday, 02nd July 2022

The Westin Jakarta, West Java Ballroom


Dresscode : Cocktail Attire, Strictly no white & no batik


This invitation is only valid for 1 pax

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Our Story

"A woman who wears glasses, geeky, but super friendly and talkative. A woman who is so unique, so sincere, so innocent and cares a lot about the people she loves. A woman who until now still inspires me to learn how to love sincerely and thorougly. A woman who is chatty but now I long for the most. Florida - Jakarta didn't stop us from staying in touch, 12 hours didn't stop us from asking each other how they were doing. Until finally we dated, I proposed and we decided to become one in marriage. I could see the true love she has given me. Please keep on loving me and accompanying me all my life."
- Leonardo

"It was May 2013 when we first met, I was on my college summer break when I stumbled upon a new face at church. The new kid in town, who's so quiet but somehow intriguing. And guess what, we just clicked right away after getting to know each other better and in no time became best friends. Turns out I was so attracted to his vibrant soul, who is simplistic, transparent and without lies. The one call away superman, despite our 12 hours difference. The loyal friend, then turn into a lover, who's been there throughout every season of my life."
- Debora

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Happy wedding, dear Deb & Leo! May your family always be a God-led family, till death do you apart! Amen.

Congrats Debo and husband! Wishing you a lifetime love, joy and happiness embarking the new journey together. May God bless your marriage and family!

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Leonardo & Debora's

Leonardo & Debora's

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Tamu Undangan

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